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Corsa Veloce is a premium manufacturer of air induction and fuel system components for the
Subaru WRX / STI platform. The unique design parameters of this all wheel drive performance vehicle require innovative design solutions to extract the maximum perfomance potential. The Corsa Veloce range is designed from the ground up with a philosophy of total performance without compromising aesthetics. Limitations of standard factory parts are completely ignored and the result is a specialist modular product range unparallelled in performance or industrial design. Corsa Veloce products are not intended to be "bolt on" replacements and are recommended to be installed by performance professionals only. While the offered products improve the performance on a car without any other modifications it is recommended anyone considering purchasing anything from the Corsa Veloce product range have an upgraded engine, air intake, exhaust and fuel system.


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jbvideo__sarenna_lee_s_foot_teararcorsa-veloce.com/carbuetors-download-free-ebook-unlocking-opportunities-for-growth/ All Corsa Veloce products are available internationally and have a 3 year limited warranty.

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Price International: $USD 2999.00 Australia: $AUD 2899.00 (production on hold)

The Corsa Veloce Track Version MY01-09 manifold system is designed for track use where performance requirements do not permit any loss of the engines power in the lower rpm range but call for gains in the mid and upper rpm range. The plenum volume is optimised for this applicaion and is much larger than factory but small enough to allow the retainment of the factory air conditioning system.

The Corsa Veloce Track Version MY99-00 manifold system is designed for all high performance applications. Due to the lower hood clearance on the earlier model MY99-00 cars the runner length is similar to that of the osn kabupaten fisika 2010 sampai 2011panda la revancha del principe charro hola! calculus early transcendental 6e solutionthais boys sistersjb007bsreloadedpart01 u m n pjbs_paieconcertrarjb_video_pov_pantyhose_sex_02 Reverse Mount for MY01-09. This results in a slight drop in lower rpm range performance with the benefit of unmatched power and torque curves in the mid to upper rpm range. Depending on the turbo used this design can come on boost at the same rpm as factory.

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Reverse Mount intake manifold WRX/STi 01-09 (EJ20-EJ25)

Price International: $USD 3499.00 Australia: $AUD 3299.00 (production on hold)

The Corsa Veloce Reverse Mount MY01-09 manifold system is designed for track use and drag racing applications where performance of the mid and upper rpm range is of vital importance. Due to the runner length, plenum volume, runner diameter and other design parameters this is the the outright best performing manifold for extreme performance outclassing all competition. Currently this unit is fitted to a drag race car generating 900kw (1200hp) at the engine and other track cars generating over 400kw at the wheels. This design is not compatible with factory air conditioning and is not compatible with MY99-00 cars without serious modification to the engine bay.

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Lower Runner Section / TGV Deletes MY99-09 (EJ20-EJ25)

MY99-00 Price International: $USD 549.00 Australia: $AUD 499.00 (54mm height) (production on hold)

MY01-09 Price International: $USD 549.00 Australia: $AUD 499.00 (79mm height) (in stock)

jb_keygenexele horlaspace impact javaAngry Birds Seasons (Ad Free) (1 5 1) jb_simple_shopzipcorsa-veloce.com jb_secrets71jb_stlrar Available as a complete assembly with a manifold or as separate items are 4th axis cnc machined billet lower runner sections (TVGjbmail plus v32 winall retail keygen by arnjb_lesbianswmvjbuilderjbl_speaker_lx6pdf

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serial_samplitude_music_studio_15_trialexe deletes). The billet lower runner sections have the ports machined oversize to suit ported heads and are able to be further modified for port matching by the end user if required.



Billet Fuel Rails MY99-09 (EJ20-EJ25)

MY99-09 Price International: $USD 349.00 Australia: $AUD 299.00 (to fit Corsa Veloce or standard manifold) (in stock)


jurnal manajement pendidikanjbjennifersbodytruefrenchdvdavi MY99-00 Price International: $USD 499.00 Australia: $AUD 449.00 (top feed conversion kit for standard manifold) (production on hold)

The billet fuel rails are machined to accept -8 O-Ring Seal fittings for the ultimate in reliability and flow. They are available to suit most Denso, Sard, Bosch, Rochester and other types of injectors (excluding side feed).




int. ph. +61 4 22189918

aus. ph. 0422 189918


Copyright Corsa Veloce 2011